Key Competences for Lifelong Learning in Education of Seniors

pART- Take Part in Art Project
July 27, 2016
Social Digital Mentors
July 27, 2016
Social Digital Mentors
July 27, 2016
pART- Take Part in Art Project
July 27, 2016

In the framework of the eLearning initiative of the European Commission, Kairos Europe in partnership with Fundacja Pro Scientia Publica and Ca Foscari University in Venice has launched the project Key Competencies for Lifelong Learning in education of seniors, starting on 01/09/2014 and ending on 31/08/2016.

Trough a comprehensive approach, the main objective of our Project is to encourage the participation of people aged 55 to 74 in lifelong learning through the development of key competencies needed in modern society, focusing not only on ICT and foreign languages skills, but also on social and interpersonal skills.

Specific objectives are:

To encourage elderly people to use networking ICT tools as well as mobile technologies and resources to take part in social community life.
To create opportunities for older people to stay active.
To contribute to older people’s participation in the current Information Society (InSoc).
To strenghten relationships and increase social inclusion.
To reduce the mistrust against networking ICT tools, resources and services and promote their benefits.
To train trainers and management staff of adult and/or seniors training organizations and associations in the field of seniors’ training on networking ICT tools, resources and services.
To obtain good and demonstrative practices by carrying out pilot training experiences during the life of the project.

In order to promote social inclusion of elderly people, the participants will have the opportunity to take part in narrative interviews and biography workshops.

The aim of narrative interviews is to give seniors the opportunity to show their opinion about challenges, possibilities of development of older people and risks of marginalization of this group in society.
The biography method will be used to analyze how seniors learn. During the biography workshops seniors will create the story of their lives in order to promote history through the prism of their own experience. Based on the real needs expressed by the elders, and the data collected from the questionnaires, interviews and focus groups, the partners will develop a pedagogical curriculum for Seniors’ lifelong learning giving their opinion about the challenges of older people and the risk of their marginalization in modern society.

Moreover, seniors will take part in workshops aimed at the creation of their own biographies, which will be used to analyze how their learning process looks like. In this way the life-experience of seniors and the history of their countries will be shared throughout Europe with young people reading their biographies, promoting intergenerational/intercultural education and lifelong learning.

Recruitment of seniors at the Club Italia c/o Scalabrinian Church in Brixton Road



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