Workshop Objectives:

The pace of technological change has made the immediate and long-term future difficult, if not impossible, to predict. Teachers are forced to imagine the world they are preparing their students to live in. In this situation, it is important that teachers are aware of the opportunities that technology puts at their disposal to improve the interactivity of their classes, increase students’ retention, and fun in the classroom.
In this course, we would like to train teachers on how to use some of the best free digital tools available to them. Filled with practical tasks, it shows teachers how they can develop an approach to teaching and learning with digital technologies that is inherently social, collaborative and creative. This course will look at a number of tools available out there which could facilitate their teaching practice. Some of these tools include Moodle, Edmodo, Kahoot, and many others.


Day 1:

Welcoming and course introduction; Understanding the professional needs of participants.
Learning Management Systems (LMS): An introduction to Moodle; creating and editing your profile. Customizing the platform. Creating courses and enrolling students.

Day 2:

Moodle: Overview of Activities and Resources. Assignments and quizzes. Exelearning tool to easily create materials for Moodle and importing it as SCORM. Understanding Grades

Day 3:

Effective Tools to Activate Learning. During this session, participants will have a look and test a series of tools available for free which can be used in order to make lessons more interactive and stimulating. These tools include Padlet, Lino, Kahoot, Quizlet, and others.

Day 4:

Online Learning Communities: Overview of Edmodo. Registration into the platform and practice of the main features.

Day 5:

Teaching and learning in a networked age. In this unit we will concentrate on pedagogy. We will explore how your ‘connectedness’ through digital media and the web can help your work.Evaluation and Feedback

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