Kairos Europe offers courses that meet the quality criteria and priorities of the Erasmus Plus.

We offer several programmes in the field of education, training and youth sectors supported by Erasmus Plus.

The priorities addressed by our courses are:

- the development of basic and transversal skills such as entrepreneurship, digital skills and multilingualism;
- the enhancement of ICT skills;
- the contribution to the re-skilling and up-skilling of adults;
- new teaching methodologies;
- integration and multiculturalism.

Below is a list of the Erasmus Plus KA1 courses we are currently running. Courses may be tailored to suit your requirements.

Erasmus workshop usually run on set dates, but additional dates may be added based on your needs. The duration of the courses will be 5 working days, with the option of extending them to 10 working days.

In addition to the official courses below, we can also cover the following topics: Creative thinking, Entrepreneurship, Gifted Education, Early School Leaving and Prevention, Bullying and prevention, Stress and Emotional management, Problem solving and Conflict resolution, Flipped classroom, Public Speaking, Learning to learn.
motivation concept with business elements and related keywords d

Motivational skills: improving student engagement and motivation

People abstract

Building Intercultural Societies: The Art of Coming Together

Mentoring Concept. The meeting at the white office table

Building effective teacher-student relationships through mentoring and coaching

E-learning Isometric Concept

Social (Media) Education and Prevention of Internet-related Abuse


Learning to Learn for Educators


Digital Tools to Activate Learning

I  would like to thank the European fundings with which I could make this unforgettable experience and I hope to do another soon.

Thanks to Erasmus Plus KA1 I have improved my English and I had the opportunity to meet new and fantastic people. Teachers should do this experience to know different kind of teaching methodology and arrangements for their job.

During our social programme there is a great opportunity for visiting different historical places. London is a beautiful city and my Erasmus plus experience at Kairos Europe was fantastic.

A great opportunity to engage my learners into technology, by motivating them to participate in my course

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