Motivation Management: The 5Is’ of empowering your students

Workshop Objectives:

This training is designed for persons who teach who lead or work in schools, its’ main goal being to understand how pupils management works and creating a better learning experience for the students by motivating them to do the right things.
Motivation Management it’s a methodology that gives the students the abilities and know-how of creating classrooms with great bonding, productivity and more fun and motivation. Since a new generation takes over the schools, it is necessary to understand how to motivate younger individuals and increase the efficiency of learning by 10-21% in 6 months


Day 1: Incipient Motivation

Overview of the course. Introduction. Getting to know each other. Understanding motivation and the human needs. Learning the main approaches in the literature.
Understanding self-motivation and work motivation. Creating personalized motivation strategies. Understanding group motivation and individual motivation. The creation of performing classrooms.

Day 2: Instinctive Motivation

Understanding how students are instinctively motivated. Science-based group-motivation.
Understanding how a safe environment can bring motivation. The 4 human substances of motivation and how they interact in social circumstances.
Understanding a group’s hierarchy. Creating personalized motivation strategies.
Understanding confidence at school. Personal motivation. The 32X Motivation Principles. On becoming leaders.

Day 3: Intrinsic Motivation

Understanding the motivation of today. The motivation trio: Purpose, Autonomy and Mastery. Motivation strategies . .

Day 4: Intelligent Motivation

Understanding how emotions work at school. The teacher's role in the group’s emotions. Understanding how money motivation work. Creating personalized motivation strategies. How we demotivate our people. Ranking a motivated teacher'sideas and feelings. Understanding how motivation works in our brains. The 4 domains of Emotional Intelligence: self-awareness, self-mastery, social consciousness and relationship mastery. Indentifying our stranghts. 6P: The motivator types.

Day 5: Ideal Motivation

Learning about the teacher's lack of information. Behavioral changes: what abilities do we need to improve and consolidate? What critical points do we need to change? Which are our strengths?
How can we use them in a school? Creating an improvement plan and a learning strategy. Creating personalized motivation strategies. Identifying and developing a emotionally motivated classroom. Understanding organizational motivation..

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