Our mission is to provide quality training opportunities for youths and adults in order to improve their knowledge and skills and enhance their career prospects

Our courses meet the quality criteria and the priorities of the Erasmus+ programme, such as the development of basic and transversal skills, entrepreneurship, digital skills, new teaching methodologies, integration and multiculturalism, among others.

The courses we are currently running are:

- Digital Tools to Activate Learning

- Building Intercultural Societies: The Art of Coming Together

- Coffee Connect: Promoting Entrepreneurship in your professional life

- Building effective teacher-student relationships through mentoring and coaching

- Social (Media) Education and Prevention of Internet-related Abuse

- Motivational skills: improving student engagement and motivation

Kairos Europe can provide different quality solutions in terms of internships and study visits.

We can provide high quality internships for students and graduates who come to the UK to increase their professional skills and improve their job prospects.

Some of the most popular areas in which we can provide internships are: Marketing, Admin, Catering and Hospitality, IT, Travel and Tourism, Sports and Leisure.

We can also arrange study visits for professionals who want to improve their skills in their field of expertise or have an insight into their professional field in the UK.

Kairos Europe have participated in various EU Projects, first within the framework of the Lifelong Learning Programme, and now within the framework of the Erasmus+ and other programmes.

The projects in which we have taken part are mainly focused on disadvantaged categories such as disabled people, parents with no formal qualifications, migrants and asylum seekers, social and digital competences.

Throughout the years we have successfully promoted and implemented several projects both as promoters and partners.

We rely on a wide pool of professionally qualified staff in different areas such as IT and languages, Social Integration, Migrant policies, Youth Policies, Creative Arts and Lifelong Learning for the elderly.

Kairos Europe is affiliated with a number of English schools based in Central London, most of which recognised by the main accreditation bodies in the UK.

Therefore, we can offer a wide variety of solutions for all your needs. Our offer includes:

General English, Business English, One-to-One Lessons
English for 50+
Exam preparation (IELTS, Cambridge, TESOL, Trinity)
Teacher Training (TEFL)
Teaching Methodology courses (CLIL)
Junior Courses (From 12+)

Over the past years we have worked with several group of students coming from Italy as part of the PON-POR Programme financed by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF).

As part of the PON-POR Programme, we can provide the following services:

English Courses + Examination
We work with several schools of English based in London and Brighton, and are able to provide different solutions.

Work Experience
We can provide work experience in the following sectors: hospitality, catering, marketing, IT, admin, charity work, travel and tourism, not-for-profit sector and sales.

EU Projects