Sharing Ideas for Social Innovation
September 12, 2017
DigiNET – Digitalization and social media for adult employment
March 26, 2018
DigiNET – Digitalization and social media for adult employment
March 26, 2018
Sharing Ideas for Social Innovation
September 12, 2017


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As Europe is trying to come to terms with what has been misnamed "The European Refugee Crisis " this project aims to challenge prevailing ideas about the ‘crisis’ and developing different perspectives on the issue, especially after the events of 2016, such as the rise in followers of  populist/right wing movements, and the proliferation of borders, which prevents people from moving and from finding a space of safety in Europe.

A) Context/background of project;

The promoter of the project is a UK-led consortium made up of  6 partners ranging from education and training organisations (Kairos Europe, Red Ochre, Kings College London and Creating Ground), and charities (Young Roots, and Elfrida Camden) working at different levels on migration-related issues such as research on policies, education and training, inclusion and employability, and mental health issues.

The project will help all the participants gain a greater understanding of issues that affect non-EU migrants and people with disadvantaged backgrounds when integrating within European cities. We also seek to understand the effects of migration management practices on people on the moving. How do these practices affect displaced people’s trajectories to and across Europe? What are the mental health issues that many of these people face? What are the opportunities of employability which migrants and refugees can take advantage of?

B) Objectives of your project;

The objective of this project is to widen the understanding of British participants on the current and complex migration issues surrounding non-EU refugee and migrant communities in Mediterranean countries. Participants will be able to compare and relate themselves to Italian methods of working with migrant methodologies against their own. In response to the various critical events affecting European countries; the focus on this workshop will not only be based on being able to communicate effectively with people of different backgrounds but gaining ‘hands-on’ practical skills of working to better the lives of integrated non-EU migrants, refugees and asylum seekers.

C) Number and profile of participants;

72 participants will be selected from the staff of the organisations in the consortium. The partner organisations have expressed the need for their staff to acquire skills in discussing, learning and observing historical and current migration trends and gaining a greater insight into some of the issues, dilemmas and solutions that many non-EU migrants endure and will benefit from.  It will also be about questioning the depiction of migrants as security threats, passive victims or commodities and seeking to move away from the clear distinction between economic migrants and refugees, implying that some people are worth our attention and compassion and others not.

D) Description of activities;

Participants will take part in a 6-day structured course including lectures, panel discussions, visits to local centres working with migrants, intercultural workshops, and interventions from experts and volunteering working in the field

E) Methodology to be used in carrying out the project;

Kairos Europe is the applicant while the other partners in the consortium will contribute to the implementation, management, dissemination and recruitment. Itaka Training will be the designated course provider in Southern Italy providing the 6 day professional development course. All these organizations will be constantly in contact via Skype, Emails and Phone calls. The course will be delivered via classroom presentations utilizing methods such as Problem based learning, learners centered approach, semi-structured face to face interviews with migrants and site visits.

F) Impact envisaged:

Participants will have a deeper understanding of the current changes taking place in a European society (with a focus on Southern Italy) and its multiculturalism; understand and make sense of diversity, and be able to talk about it productively and meaningfully. Furthermore, they will get new ideas on how to update their approach and methods and help migrants/refugees in needs. It will also give the participants the confidence to develop a more international approach in their day to day work.

Project partners:

1) Kairos Europe - Lead applicant

2) King's College London

3) Elfrida Rathbone Camden

4) Creating Ground

5) Red Ochre Entreprises Ltd

6) Young Roots

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