Learning Parents

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June 20, 2016
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June 21, 2016

Learning Parents

Learning Parents was a Grundtvig Partnership which ended in 2013. The partner organisations were the following:

  1. sehit Selçuk Gökda? ?lkö?retim Okulu (Coordinator) – Turkey
  2. Colegiul Tehnic “Petru Poni” – Romania
  3. Associació Departament D’Estudis Dels Medis Actuals (DEMA) – Spain
  4. Studium J?zyków Obcych, Spó?ka Jawna – Poland
  5. Syllogos Gonewn kai Kidemonwn Halkis – Greece

The main aim of the project was to motivate parents with no basic qualifications, with pathways to acquiring, or building on existing key competencies such as interpersonal relationship competencies, languages and ICT and to develop transversal competencies such as social, cultural and intercultural skills. The aim was to improve the quality of everyday life of educationally disadvantaged parents, facilitating access to information and media and also to promote inter-generational social cohesion by enabling parents to acquire skills so that they could keep up with the latest changes in the society and share more with their children.

The project aimed at facilitating an exchange of creative applications through the organization of:

  • Seminars and workshops with a view to facilitate the healthy interaction between parents and children;
  • IT workshops on the use of the computer and the Internet;
  • Parents’ counselling courses on Internet security;
  • Basic courses of English which aimed at facilitating communication and the use of the computer and the Internet;

The project was very successful and it saw the participation of many parents from the countries involved who had the chance to learn new skills and meet each other at international meetings.

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