Learning Parents
June 20, 2016
Social Digital Mentors
July 16, 2016
Social Digital Mentors
July 16, 2016
Learning Parents
June 20, 2016

Family Mediation is a Leonardo da Vinci Transfer of Innovation project promoted by APPIS (Associação Paredes pelaInclusão Social). The other partners in this project are:

  1. Centro de Formação da Associação de Escolas de Paços de Ferreira, Paredes e Penafiel (Portugal)
  2. Escola Secundária de Vilela (Portugal)
  3. Electronic Compass (Greece)
  4. Associazione Culturale Epoca (Italia)
  5. Professional Foundation – Centre for European Integration (Romania)
  6. Associacó Empresarial L’Alqueria Projectes Educatius (Spain)

The aim of this project is to adjust, improve and share methodologies of parental mediation that could raise competencies in dealing with parental schooling of their children. The project will allow to disseminate APPIS methodology (which has been implemented since 2007) as well bring together a set of methods, techniques, actions and activities that will be implemented by each partner organization in order to solve the problem of lack of mediation between families and school. The application of these new features in local environments will allow for a continued and concerted action that is expected to produce a change in attitudes and behaviours toward school, promoting the acquisition of new core competencies in relation to parental monitoring of the educational background of students.

The transfer of innovation refers to a method of family mediation that enables families to successfully enhance the schooling of their children. The transfer is done because it encompasses the sectorial educational partners, schools, municipalities, training institutions, local associations.

Each partner organisation will identify:

  1. 600 families
  2. 200 teachers
  3. 600 students
  4. 4 In-company vocational trainers
  5. 6 schools
  6. 12 trainers

Each partner organisation will use the methodology provided by APPIS with the learners identified.

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