Learning Parents
June 20, 2016
Learning Parents
June 20, 2016

Language Unlocks any Locks was a Grundtvig Partnership which ended in 2013. The partner organisations were the following:

  1. Siauliai city municipality Day social care centre “Goda” (Coordinator) – Lithuania
  2. Akdeniz Adult Education Centre – Turkey
  3. Associazione Prometeo – Italy

The contents of the projects were the following:

The target group:

  1. Social workers and teachers working with disabled persons.
  2. Disabled people
  3. Employees of participating partner institutions who will ensure the continuity of the works made during the project activities.

The aim of the project was to find methods of learning and teaching disabled people the English language using board games. During the project board games were developed by the participating organisations and used as a way of teaching English to disabled people. This helped social workers to work creatively with the disabled people.

During the project meetings each host country organised visits to centres working with disabled people, in order to share methodologies and exchange good practices.

During the last meeting in Lithuania, a championship was organised; it involved both learners and staff from all participating organisations.

Besides board games, the partnership developed a methodology for teaching English to disabled people and also a dictionary with all the terms and expressions used in the games.

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