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July 27, 2016
CALL Concepts in Language Education
July 27, 2016

The project “pART: take part in Art” aims to contribute to the preservation and popularization of the cultural and artistic heritage of the cities/regions of the participating organisations for present and future generations. The project combines a variety of artistic activities with an educational background. We will be meeting over the course of two years in order to learn from each other about the various artistic, cultural and social techniques popular in our cities/regions. The main project topic will be to save regional (local) cultures from extinction.

The participating organisations are:

  • Fundacja Pro ScientiaPublica (Poland)
  • Institut fur angewandte Sprachintegration Ottakring (Austria)
  • Stichting Clara (Netherlands)
  • University of Helsinki Palmenia Centre for Continuing Ed. (Finland)

The partners will work with learners from disadvantaged groups in order to increase their European cultural understanding and, above all, give them a role in the local community. Art-based activities (dance, theatre, singing, and so on) will be used to support the personal development of adults who are disadvantaged because of social isolation, lack of cultural opportunities or poor education.

The partnership will be workshop based: during each meeting the partners will learn from each other various methods of artistic expression and exchange their practical experience. The wide geographical range of partners for mobilities and common meetings will guarantee a correct process for a real inter-cultural exchange of ideas, thanks to which there will be an increase in the understanding of citizens from other countries on a European level. Local artistic heritage will be used as a common tool for promoting LLP international best practices.

The first meeting of the project was held in Wroclaw. All partners presented their organisations and we discussed about the implementation of the project. All participants also participated in a workshop where handicrafts were produced under the guidance of experienced teachers from the University of Third Age. drawing.

The following meetings were held in the UK, Finland, France and Austria

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