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July 27, 2016
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July 16, 2016
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CALL Concepts in Language Education is a Leonardo Partnership project of which Kairos Europe is one of the partner organisations. The other partner organisations are:

Institut fur angewandteSprachintegrationOttakring (Austria)
Kereso Ember Alapitvany (Hungary)
Fundacja Pro ScientiaPublica (Poland)

The goal of this Learning Partnership is to create CALL education concepts on how to implement CALL successfully in conventional language classes, how the students and teacher should be prepared, how the teacher should introduce CALL, and what sort of CALL should s/he introduce; and thus our aim is to make foreign language learning on smart boards more efficient and more accessible for a broad range of learners.

As the technological innovations are increasing rapidly, teachers should be kept in pace in order to make their students motivated. Therefore, we want to analyse what the barriers are in the conventional language classes to use CALL.

One part of this analysis will be the question how learners can be motivated to use smart board applications for language learning. In this context we will focus on different groups of learners ranging from tertiary students to cultural minorities and disadvantaged learners.

The second part of the analysis will include what keeps teachers away from using smart board applications for language learning. Here we will look into teachers serving to different groups of learners.

In order to exemplify the possibilities of language learning on smart boards, we will create simple CALL education concepts with the latest e-learning technology. These CALL education concepts will be presented to learners on the project workshops, who then can tell their opinions about them and suggest new ideas.

After the Learning Partnership we want to use the results of this project to implement the concept by trying it together in classes. In order to evaluate our project properly, at each project meeting and each workshop an evaluation session will be held.

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