Workshop Objectives:

The objective is to provide teachers with new and holistic skills and to find solutions for the modernization of curricula, develop new and more effective teaching methods, raise the standards, variety and quality of education.
It is important to consider the increasing presence that the Cultural and Creative Sector plays in our economies not least as a mean of fostering innovation and thus to provide teachers with a set of skills to better face these changes in society.


Learners will be introduced to ways of teaching traditional school matters through different art disciplines and practical activities. These teaching tools will encourage teachers to better engage students in practical learning mechanisms through a participative and a creative approach that could be translated into involving students in making a movie or animation themselves based on an historic event, in planning a short theatre piece based on a piece of literature, and so on. Positive effects will be not only on general knowledge but also on practical, technical and on transversals skills such as entrepreneurial skills.
This workshop will focus on teaching and learning, undertaking panel discussions and activities and the networking and sharing of ideas in relation to new ways of teaching and engaging students with an eye to the role of Culture, Arts and the Creative sector. This set of workshops is meant in a broad way and could include formal and non-formal education and different students groups: teenagers, adults and seniors and people at risk of social exclusion.


Day 1:

Welcome – Creative Thinking
This workshop will give you an insight of Creative Thinking and of different techniques such as Mind Mapping and Random Words. The teaching is based on practical exercises and group activities.

Day 2:

Teaching through Drawing
Why are drawing skills very important to understand the contemporary world? How can drawing be used as an input for thinking critically? Discover teaching through drawing through different exercises and group activities.

Day 3:

Teaching through Theatre
This workshop looks at how teachers can use drama as a tool to teach their lessons. We will look at why drama can be used in teaching and we will study some specific techniques to use in classroom. The workshop will be very participatory and practical. The participants will do simple games, watch videos, experience the techniques and will also plan their own lessons. At the end of the session, participants will have produced a simple action plan detailing how they are going to use drama in their lessons.

Day 4:

Teaching through Film Making or Animation
We will explore the use of story telling through the film making medium. After familiarizing with framing techniques, we will work together to create a short story and bring it to life by filming and acting. With such an engaging medium we also learn team work, communication and problem solving.

Day 5:

Teaching through Photography
The workshop begins with a brief Introduction to visual language/composition theory and photography principles. This is followed by practical and fun exercises designed to develop imagination and lateral thinking, as well as methods to apply photography to school curriculum subjects such as literacy.

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