Migration in Europe
December 29, 2019
Critical Internet Usage
December 9, 2020
Critical Internet Usage
December 9, 2020
Migration in Europe
December 29, 2019

TIP Adult: Transferring innovative adult educators’ practices

The aim of the project is twofold:
1) Promoting the professional development of adult educators by gathering best practice expertise from partner institutions in TIP Adult project;
2) Fostering the competences of Adult educators, particularly on knowledge transfer as well as in gaining experience in international cooperation.


To create high-quality professional development for adult educators on creativity and innovation;
To implement ICT tools to generate OERs to enable effective cooperation and promote flexible learning pathways and professional development in line with the European transparency instruments.
This will be accomplished by turning knowledge into digital micro-knowledge chunks to make it easier and faster to distribute (e.g. real time on social networks).
TIP Adult project is geared specifically to these 3 target groups:
(1) adult education organizers – with the aim of finding out how to better organize and ensure the professional development of adult educators;
(2) developers and managers of adult education programs – with a view to improving their knowledge and skills in finding out the needs of learners, using ICT, knowledge transfer (visualization, sharing);
(3) adult educators – with the aim of improving their knowledge of adult pedagogy methods and techniques, ICT use, knowledge transfer (visualization, sharing).

Project results

1) Website/Portal for adult educators professional development (TIP ADULT):
2) Experience exchange/ micro-knowledge chunks on the use of IT and Moodle;
3) Piloted and internationally tested criteria for the provision and training of adult educators as well as Adult Education Program Development.
4) 0n andragogy issues, Research on adult learners’ needs; Virtual Reality and serious games in adult education.
5) Enhancement of Soft Skills (both Educators & Leaners): Knowledge and experience gained by the target groups in the field of transnational cooperation, project management; exchange of experience and good practice in the field of adult educators’ professional development; enhanced awareness of lifelong learning opportunities of the target groups.
All of the organization partners in this Partnership are experienced in the field of providing structured courses to various profiles and number of candidates and they will contribute to a great extent for the realization of the proposal.

2 transnational meetings and 6 best practice exchange and training activities (15 people for each training (2 from each participating country) to improve knowledge and skills in innovative provision of adult learning and education, notably strategic use of open and flexible learning, OERs – knowledge visualization and knowledge sharing, best practice exchange on adult education methods and
techniques (namely, design thinking, flipped classroom, VR, and gamification).

The implementation of the project will be realized through the development of several Work Packages that will included in the methodology applied:
1. Establishment of a communication network, organizational upgrades, informative activities, selection and preparation of participants;
2. Dissemination phase with previously defined activities in a dissemination plan.


1. Impact on participants: higher opportunities for acquiring skills and qualifications, particularly among LTUs (long term unemployed) and NEETs (young adults between 18-25 who dropped from their education and training).
2. Impact on the participating organizations: improve their organizational skills. Offering training based on the project guidelines will assure comparable training across Europe.
3. TIP Adult project will indirectly help partner institutions to extend their network (whether through the partners of the project or through contacts made due to the publication of the project results) and raise the visibility of the partners in their region.
The project will reinforce the network of adult education providers and supporting institutions, like Universities, increase capacity to operate at the transnational level, share and confront ideas, practices and methods.
Long-time goal is to establish these guidelines as European Reference Framework when it comes to Media and Information literacy for adults. Having such a reference framework will ensure a comparable quality across Europe.
The project idea is to extending and developing the competencies of educators and other personnel who support adult learners, particularly in motivating adults to take part in learning and in the effective teaching of literacy, numeracy and digital skills to low-skilled or low-qualified adults, including through the effective use of digital technologies to improve the learning experience.


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