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ARISE: Analysing Refugee Inclusion in Southern Europe
November 4, 2017
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March 26, 2018
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March 26, 2018
ARISE: Analysing Refugee Inclusion in Southern Europe
November 4, 2017

The Europe 2020 Strategy has defined among others, one key priority that is to raise “Europe’s employment rate – more and better jobs, especially for women, young people and older workers” so to achieve a benchmark of ” 75% employment rate for women and men aged 20-64 by 2020– achieved by getting more people into work.

One of the main obstacles to the full achievement of this ambitious objective is that there are high rates of low-skilled and low-qualified adults that competitive within the labor market.

The demand for digital technology professionals has grown by 4% annually in the last ten years. Yet digital skills are lacking in Europe at all levels. Despite continued strong employment growth, the number of unfilled vacancies for ICT professionals is expected to almost double to 756000 by 2020. Furthermore, almost half the EU population lacks basic digital skills; with around 20% of people having none at all.

Education and training should equip everyone with a broad range of skills which opens doors to personal fulfillment and development, social inclusion, active citizenship and employment.

Project partners work everyday with adult learners in situations of vulnerability facing multiple barriers (such as social exclusion, poverty or discrimination) because of their lack of qualification to be incorporated in the labor market.

Within this context, the partners of this project will explore these issues and identify solutions to help ADULT learners to enter the labor market establishing effective links between adult schools and the world of work and entrepreneurship using social media and ICT.


The project partners have identified 3 main NEEDS of the target groups that play an important role in the above-described context:

 -Adult teachers and trainers need to acquire the skills to train their adult students on the aware use of  ICT and Social Media to find job opportunities and develop their entrepreneurial spirit

-Adult learners need to scale up  their key and transversal competences adapted to the digital era to be incorporated in the labour market

-To promote inclusion of adults paying particular attention to adult vulnerable groups with low skills and qualifications promoting equality between women and men, combating discrimination, promoting tolerance and a high-level of quality and sustainable employment, combating long-term unemployment and fighting against poverty and social exclusion.


-To make adult learners and teachers confident on how to use social media and ICT, concerning the effective use of them for creating e-enterprises digital identity.

-To enable adult learners to create their own e-enterprise by promoting an entrepreneurial culture and social entrepreneurship

-To promote equal opportunities for women and men in the labour market

-To help the vulnerable groups and people at risk of social exclusion establishing e-enterprises and promoting their participation in newly created opportunities

-To develop environmental protection through their business

-To create an effective learning community to facilitate collaboration among adult training institutions, policy makers and enterprises to facilitate the matching between the market needs and the adult students through the use of social media and ICT.

The project will allow participants to move with facility on the European labor market and the relations with the companies during the workshops, policy makers, associations of other European countries to consolidate the effectiveness of learning community involving adult teachers, trainers and their learners and companies in the testing of the training package.

The main results of the project will be:

  •     “e-entrepreneurship” training package. The training package will contain a collection of video lessons on how to create the digital identity for enterprises using ICT and social media for be incorporated in the labor market in an effective way.
  •     The video lessons
  •     Real life case scenarios learning objects
  •     The Video Gallery of Testimonials.


  •     Act Malta – Malta
  •     Electronic Compass- Greece
  •     Esmovia – Spain
  •     ZAT – Zinev Art Technologies – Bulgaria
  •     Kairos Europe – UK

Website: http://www.diginet-project.eu/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/DigiNet-351516668605177/

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