Course Description

This course will provide an introduction to the principles and skills of effective project management. This course
is suitable for individuals who would like to enhance their skills and knowledge or who have specific objectives to
achieve. Participants will  be taken through the stages of the life cycle of a project from initiation to completion and

Course content includes:

  • Defining a project, including key principles, terms and concepts
  • The role of the project manager, including necessary skills
  • Understanding the project life-cycle from end to end
  • Project planning, documents and artefacts
  • Project tracking
  • Communication and stakeholder management
  • Risk management

Participants will learn how to:

  • Define project management and principles
  • Understand the role and skills of the project manager
  • Understand and define the project life-cycle
  • Identify factors that contribute to a successful project outcome
  • Realistically plan projects
  • Identify documentation, including business case and project plan development
  • Identify and manage project risks
  • Enhance communication skills, improve stakeholder management and relationships

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