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October 19, 2016
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December 7, 2016

Distance Learning Course

London 13-17 November 2016

Kairos Europe hosted a group of teachers and school managers from Panevėžys Labour Market Training Centre (Lithuania), on a course focused on Distance Learning.

The course focused on the benefits and challenges of using distance learning as a strategy for teaching in vocational education. In specific, participants learned about:

  • Which is the most popular software which can be used in distance learning
  • Factors to consider for the implementation of distance learning
  • How to prepare and follow an implementation plan
  • How to motivate students in distance learning

Special guest of the course was a curriculum development manager from Westminster Kingsway university. Our participants learned about:
– what is the university current offer in terms of distance learning platforms;
– How they do distance learning,
– What the strategy and aims are for doing the distance learning in this way;
– What is their experience with these platforms.

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