Self-Employment for migrants and refugees

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December 15, 2016
Teaching In Diversity
January 26, 2017

Self-Employment for migrants and refugees

Kick  Off Meeting: Madrid 10-11 January

Self-Employmentcould be a good career option for those people who have left their country to live in a different one, as a result of wars, revolutions or political persecution. Therefore, it would be very useful for them to follow some of the programs to support entrepreneurship that already exist, but often these people, who are able to communicate orally in the language of the host country, have literacy problems, which becomes an obstacle to follow a training program.

The overall objective of this project is to provide migrants and refugees with basic knowledge of the language of their host country and low literacy skills, a itinerary to support entrepreneurship suits to their needs: using simple language supported with images in a clear, rigorous and practical way.

Specific objectives:

  • Creating a package of educational tools to implement a training and guidance itinerary addressed to immigrants.
  • Providing participants in the program the tools and basic knowledge necessary to transform a business idea into an entrepreneurial project.
  • Ensuring the participants are able to choose the type of business and also understand the legal, financial, management and marketing requirements.
  • Implement pilot projects in partner countries to test the itinerary developed.

The project has seven partners from six different countries. We will organize a pilot experience to test the itinerary in the six participant countries: Spain, Italy, Greece, Portugal, Denmark and United Kingdom. In each pilot experiences will involve about 15 people, which means 90 direct beneficiaries.


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