Southern European Migrant Dilemmas: Better Integration Methods

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November 21, 2016
Southern European Migrant Dilemmas: Better Integration Methods
December 8, 2016

Southern European Migrant Dilemmas: Better Integration Methods

From 3 to 9 November 2016 Kairos Europe staff and learners took part in a blended mobility activity as part of the KA1 project “Southern European Migrant Dilemmas: Better Integration Methods“. The event took between Lamezia Terme and Riace Village in Italy.

The main objectives of our project were:

  • To give the participants the opportunity to develop their training skills, methods and attitudes. Through this project they got new ideas on how to update their approach and methods and help migrants/refugees in needs.
  • To deepen the co-operation with partners abroad in order to develop new projects in the future. It was important for the participants to have the opportunity to meet other professionals working in the same filed and share with them good practices as well as doubts and point of views.
  • To develop our internationalisation strategy.
  • To increase in the consortium staff knowledge of the migrants/refugees issue across Europe and being more confident in their job.
  • To allow our staff to get new knowledge in how to promote social inclusion and intercultural exchange among learners and groups they deal with coming from different backgrounds and cultures.
  • To share on a local, regional, national level the idea that refugees can and have to be seen as a richness and not only as a problem.
  • To acquire new skills, methods and techniques in the promoting of common European values, intercultural dialogue and tackle of social exclusion.

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