IMWEP – Improvements in the Management of Work Experience Placements

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September 19, 2018
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March 26, 2018

Management of Work Experience Placements (WEPs): A Good Practice Guide

- Good practice guide
- Political and administrative recommendations for the education and employment authorities to improve VET's quality and young people's inclusion in the labour market

Project Description

In all of the European Countries’ VET we find existing training activities in companies also known as Work Experience Placements (WEPs), which aim at making students acquire the learning capacities necessary that have to be developed in a real productive environment where students can observe and perform real professional roles, gain knowledge on how the processes and the service if the organisation works, and know how to establish social- labour relationships in the corresponding working centres.

Our objectives

  • Analysis of the protocols and procedures performed by companies and educative centres to develop company training activities (WEPs) in VET and Dual VET system Institutions;
  • Compare the role of Education Inspectors, tutors and instructors throughout the WEPs in companies of each country;
  • Analyse other social agents and/or public administrations’ intervention (e.g. trade unions, Commerce Chambers, etc.) in these training activities;
  • Compare the evaluation and certification systems WEPs count within the participating countries;
  • Diagnose the positive aspects and those which can be improved within WEPs through companies and instructors’ perspective.
  • Value European citizenship and the tolerance WEPs have in the participating countries;
  • Improve the training activities’ management and monitoring.

How to reach our objectives:

  • Research and prepare a guide that will contain:
    • Analysis of protocols and procedures carried out by companies to develop WEPs;
    • Analysis of protocols and procedures carried out by educative bodies to develop WEPs;
    • Analysis of the intervention of other social agents (e.g. trade unions, Commerce Chambers, etc.) and/or of administrations in these training activities to assess their functionality;
    • Description of the evaluation and certification system in WEPs in each country to establish a comparison;
    • Design and ensemble political and administrative recommendations aimed at the education and employment authorities, as well as the companies, with the objective of improving the professional qualification and their entry into the labour market.

Training in May 2018 (in London)


  • Allow all the participants to work together
  • Benefit from interventions from the educative and labour market
  • Discuss issues related to the labour market, guidance counsellors, youth unemployment, etc.
  • Allow participants to gain more knowledge about the project

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