I.C.T. (I Can Teach) Adults

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June 21, 2016
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July 27, 2016

I.C.T. (I Can Teach) Adults

i can teach adults

Nowadays, almost every country is technologically at the same level but why is there a gap between the countries in adult education.  This is basically due to the lack of educators’ competence in using ICT and the lack of curriculum in adult education. Of course, some teachers of certain subjects –like computer, English etc.- use the technology in their classes, but we aim to make every single teacher, even the handicraft or art teachers, use the technology in the best way. This will not only good and useful for teachers, but also make adults more willing and enthusiastic about learning.This project offers a very good understanding and using of technology in adult teaching effectively.

The primary main aim of this project is to develop our educators’ competences and knowledge of using ICT tools effectively and to make contributions to the education atmosphere in adult classrooms at participating organizations. What is more, by the applied courses and instructions for our educators during the project activities, we aim to inform them about how they can use and teach technology during the classes. These courses is organized by the host institution during each visit and somebody experienced and educated for these specific areas will be invited to take part in these applied-courses as instructors.


The rationale of this project is mainly depending on a needs analysis implemented to both teachers and adult learners at our institutions.

Another aspect of such a project is that it is giving an opportunity every partner country to introduce the current applications at their own institutions and by doing so it will be possible for each country to exchange good practices and to observe and evaluate their own educational practices from a European perspective. For example, the Italian partner has experience in e-learning platforms, the English partner has different kinds of curriculum for adults which Turkey and Romania don’t have and the German partner has knowledge in virtual classrooms and programming languages. Therefore, our project brings added value at EU level through results that would not be attained by activities carried out in a single country because nobody can learn and compare the good practices of different countries without living and being a part of it.

The project includes not only the applied courses at partner institutions during the visits, but also the distance learning which will be made between the international learning/teaching meetings. In planning the project, designing and programming a software on a different platform -Windows, Android, Mac etc.-  will be taught at each meeting so that on each visit, educators from different branches will get the chance to improve their competences.

Our institutions and educational administration institutions are  organized in-service training courses for teachers/educators and we are shared our experiences with our colleagues from our countries. But making international observations, experiencing teaching and learning practice with ICT tools in another country has the potential of providing valuable outcomes for the participants.In order to reach better and more effective use of ICT in adult education, we want to develop our educator’s competences first. Thanks to the project activities, teachers from every partner institution had  chance to take part an international teaching and learning event.

To sum up, we need to broaden the professional perspectives of our educators, increase the efficiency of ICT use and evaluate our current applications from a European perspective which will be possible with the implementation of this project.

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