Mind-opening to Economy. Creative Approaches to Economic Literacy.

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December 7, 2016
Personal Journal 3
December 12, 2016

Mind-opening to Economy. Creative Approaches to Economic Literacy.

The 1st and the 2nd December 2016 Kairos Europe staff  taken part to project called “Mind-opening to Economy. Creative Approaches to Economic Literacy“. The meeting was placed in Berlin and  financed by ErasmusPlus.

The principal aim of the project is to encourage active citizenship. Economic thinking is more and more present in daily lives, politics and global developments. However, there is a lack of understanding the ‘big picture’ of a market economy and the role that citizens play in.  As people normally refer to interpretations in public discourse, there is a threat of getting attracted by nationalist perspectives on social phenomenons. But democracy needs education, socio-economic education too.

This project brings 4 organisations from East, West and Central Europe together to exchange good practises in economic learning by combining:

a) creative approaches of civic education;

b) economic issues such as labour market and employability, money, management skills for life, environmental economics, consumer behaviour;

c) a European perspective on recent macro-economic developments. In order to allow a democratic learning, partners seek to reflect these questions in a multi-perspective way taking different economic “schools” into consideration.

As project’s result, the consortium produces teaching material to be applied in adult and citizenship education.



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